Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle

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Information about Shear-Jashub

Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle meets regularly every Sunday at the Memorial Hall in Madison, Connecticut. Follow this link for more information on our Sunday Service. To contact Shear-Jashub by phone, mail, or Email please use the information below.


Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle
P.O. Box 518
Branford, CT 06405

Phone: (203) 245-4802 to leave a message


Pastor: Gregory J. Scalzo, MBA
Administrative Deaconess: Patricia L. Scalzo

Below are links to the history of our church and the original and unabridged Articles of Faith of Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle as they were first written in August of 1982 by the directors, Pastor and Mrs. Gregory J. Scalzo, and subsequently incorporated into the church's Bylaws in August of 1984:

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