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May 5, 2011 Day of Prayer - Pastor Greg Scalzo

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father
We love You and praise You and worship You.
You are the God who sees.
You see when we as a nation cry out to You for
       blessing and protection.
And You see when we as a nation turn our back on
       You, when we denigrate and break Your Word,
       and when we ignore Your will.
For You are a holy God, and you desire holiness.
But are we a holy people?
Do our televisions portray images of holiness?
Are our movies, our songs and our media holy?
Do our universities encourage holiness? Can we say
       the young people in our colleges are being
       made holy?
Do our schools teach the innocent children Your
Or do they tell them that they are the result of random
       accidents of nature without reason or design?
But You O Lord are the Creator.
You have a plan and purpose for each of those little
And we gather today, a remnant of the people, to ask
       You to be merciful and gracious to our nation--
       to forgive our sins and heal our land.
In the darkness that is coming, shine the light of Your
       gospel, and breathe Your Holy Spirit upon
       America. Send revival from coast to coast. Oh
       how we need Your Holy Spirit.
And upon our state of Connecticut, O God, send this
       time of miraculous renewal.
Break the pride and arrogance of this area.
For was it not the center of the First Great
And was it not the center of the Second Great
O Lord, now we beseech You to make it again the
       center of a great wave to move upon our nation.
Enable Your Word to be preached with boldness, and
       confirm it with mighty signs and wonders,
To wake up the next generation
Father they have not seen nor heard, but give them
       eyes so they can see and ears so they can hear,
That they would turn to You and receive the full
       salvation that is in Your Son
That the change in them would be so great, that they
       would put to shame their parents and their
       grandparents by their love and diligence and
       dedication to You,
We ask this in the name of Messiah, as disciples of
       the One Who is the only solution, the only
       salvation, the only redemption--the One who is
       the surety of our hope.
We ask this in the name which You have given that is
       above every name. For in the name of our Lord
       Jesus Christ we pray.

© 2011 Gregory J. Scalzo