Pastor Gregory J. Scalzo Biography
The Nature and Power of Prayer won 1st Place in the Bible Study Category for the Fall 2017 Christian Author Awards!

Greg Scalzo, Pastor and founding director of Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle and featured speaker on the weekly Shear-Jashub radio broadcast, is not your typical pastor.
Greg Scalzo was born and raised in Queens, New York. He attended public grammar school and then private Catholic schools. Always having a keen interest in science, Greg graduated in the top of his class from a leading scholastic high school in New York City, and then went on to NYU, where he majored in chemistry. He graduated with honors and was hired by a scientific equipment manufacturer in Long Island, where he headed the laboratory and interacted with PhD's from leading corporations and universities who used the company's surface area instruments. It was this latter area that led him into technical sales, and he went to work as a technical representative for McKesson Chemical, a large national chemical distributor, at its active New Jersey facility. Greg was quickly promoted to Territory Manager of McKesson's Connecticut branch, handling Fortune 500 clients. While in New Jersey, Greg had begun an MBA program at night at Rutgers University, which he now completed at the University of Connecticut, receiving his MBA in 1981, graduating with straight A’s.
But 1981 was a special year for a much more important reason.
Greg and his wife Patty had been teenage sweethearts who married when Greg was at NYU. Patty was at his side helping him in all his educational and corporate pursuits. In the spring of 1981, their lives changed dramatically. Greg found the great salvation that is in Jesus Christ. The emphasis on evolution which permeated both his Catholic high school and New York University science education had trapped Greg in an agnostic belief system. But in that spring of 1981, the Lord was gracious. The Holy Spirit tugged at Greg's heart, waking up in him a desire to want to know the true reason for this life. Finally, Greg cried out to God, and the Lord answered that prayer in a mighty way. After reading the Scriptures (which had never been emphasized in his Catholic education) Greg received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Patty soon followed.
Greg continued working in the chemical industry, now recruited away from McKesson by Lonza, a global corporation. But the Holy Spirit kept showing Greg that He had a work for him to do. Since the time Greg was saved, he had poured himself into a study of God's Word. And at the leading of the Lord he finally left the corporate business world to prepare to build a ministry and church in the dry ground of New England. A period dedicated to an intense study of Scripture was followed by Spirit-led training in witnessing and teaching. Then, in 1984, he and Patty founded Shear-Jashub ChristianTabernacle, a non-denominational Christian church in Madison, Connecticut. The church is a true Bible church, upholding the inspiration and inerrancy of the Scriptures, preaching the born again relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and testifying to the reality of the gifts of the Holy Spirit for today. Found in Isaiah 7:3, Shear-Jashub means “A Remnant Shall Return” and there is a strong emphasis in the church’s teaching on the Jewish roots of the faith. (See History of Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle)
For 25 years, Greg pastored the church on a purely volunteer basis, and in order to support themselves Greg and Patty started a small business. Drawing on their mutual hobbies of art and woodworking, Patty’s background in decorating, and Greg's understanding of the technical aspects of wood chemistry and finishes, they opened a furniture shop where, still to this day, they create artistic reproductions and restore fine furniture and antiques.
Ordained at the church’s first meeting by the congregation and then by the church bylaws, Greg faithfully has served as Shear-Jashub’s director and pastor. Besides the regular pastor administrative and sacred duties, Pastor Greg has provided Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle with an anointed ministry that combines a scholarly knowledge of God’s Word with Holy Spirit guidance and leading. Having delivered well over eighteen hundred teaching and preaching sermons, Pastor Greg has presented a clear understanding of the completeness and agreement of the Scriptures through balanced line by line analysis.
Pastor Greg’s sermons have been featured on the Shear-Jashub radio broadcast since 1997. They are heard weekly in Connecticut and parts of New York on WFIF 1500AM and around the globe daily on the Shear-Jashub website at In 2017, Greg and Patty celebrated their 41th anniversary. They have three children: Greg III, who is a manager for a technology defense contractor and married to Michelle; Patricia Deborah Orris, MBA, who is an audit analyst and small business owner and married to Billy; and Francis-David, M.Div., who is pursuing his Ph.D. in Bible Exposition at Liberty University and who is a classical violinist.  Pastor Greg and Patty have two grandchildren, little Christopher Teagan Orris and little James Declan Orris.
In 2017, Pastor Greg’s first book, The Nature and Power of Prayer:  30 Bible Lessons to Effective Prayer That Will Change Your Life!, was published by Xulon Press.  The book was made available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook (Kindle, NOOK, iBooks) format.
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