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In 2019, Pastor Greg and Patty celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary.  Drawing from the Scriptures, Pastor Greg delves into the vital information necessary for a successful and happy marriage that is pleasing to God.  Critical information also for those looking to get married!
These four complete sermons on marriage were preached at consecutive Sunday services. How can two individuals possibly walk through life together? Pastor Greg addresses this from a Biblical perspective, and, with wisdom and humor, reveals knowledge that has been all but lost to our generation. What is the foundation of the male-female relationship? How does God view marriage?  How should the Christian man act?  How should the Christian woman act? What should be the goals for a home in order to raise stable, godly children?  How can two really walk in agreement?
Walking Together

Four Messages on Christian Marriage
The male-female relationship is too often contentious and misunderstood. Divorce rates surge even among Christians as marriage suffers an assault today as never before from the social engineers and the empty cultural norms.  Pastor Greg presents the Scriptural principles needed for your marriage to not only survive but prosper with the holy joy that God planned for it.
The Valiant Christian Man

God's Servant Priest To His Family
In today’s confused environment, Christian men are struggling to know how they should act and what role they should have in their marriages and with their children.  In these two sermons, Pastor Greg investigates God’s design for the Christian man and how he can be triumphant in leading his family to victory against the forces looking to destroy those he loves.
Christian men will begin to understand the unique and holy calling God has for them as priests, providers, and protectors.  Unmarried Christian women will know what they should look for in a Christian husband, and Christian wives will find the Lord’s wisdom for encouraging their husbands and sons to fulfill God’s mission to their families and to society.
Our homes’ spiritual and physical well-being depend on valiant men who take seriously the Lord’s directions.
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